Pop electro-folk fusion driven in equal measure by synth and electric guitar juxtaposed
to create sonic terrains ranging from restrained textural pop to indie rock.


Future/Creature appreciates alienation, confusion and non-conformity. Future/Creature mends fences. Future/ Creature employs commercial articulation toward the attractions of escapism. Future/Creature rejects the cult of personality. Future/Creature speaks from a needlepoint. Future/Creature appreciates cats.


Future/Creature are a music duo from Northern Rivers NSW. Composed of Eliana on synth and sharing lead vocals with multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Davidson, Future/Creature’s sound ranges from restrained textural pop to down tempo trip hop to indie rock.
Their EP’s were recorded in bedrooms at home’s in Victoria, Queensland and most recently in New South Wales, before they hit the studio with producer Bryan Zee based between Murwillumbah and Los Angeles.  
Future/Creature are releasing their 2nd EP, Vol.2, this companion EP to Vol.1 features the duo exploring the darker side of identity, relationships and social isolation that is a by-product of a technologically connected society.  Drawing inspiration from their own eclectic musical tastes, the EP offers a rich amalgamation of progressive musical production mixed with honest lyrical song writing which is at the true heart of this creative pair. 
Forging their own musical landscape, Future/Creature defy definition and challenge today’s popular culture of sound by creating tracks that are honest, vulnerable and true to their own identity, whilst not forgetting the axiom that inspiration comes from actual experience, whether pleasant or challenging. 
Within this, Future/Creature have created a body of work that is unique, truthful and an expression of life lived, love lost and hope reinstated.
As for Eliana’s and Matt’s shared creativity, they state, “It’s good that we have each other during this creation, to make sure that the love for the music is always there and that we don’t get overwhelmed or push our own agenda. When someone knows you intimately and they are your bandmate also, it’s easy for them to keep you in check. You need someone around who will encourage you, but also knows when to tell you to stop being crazy and get your act together”.


Future/Creature are set to release their second EP Vol.2 on 30.06.17,

following debut EP Vol.1.

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