#Montefamous Review
Future Creature Vol 2
Vol 2 is Future Creature’s second EP. The duo of Matt and Eliana have blended Rock, Electronic and Pop genres, to create a wonderfully mastered EP that explores themes of life, loss, relationships and social isolation. Driving rock beats and powerful guitar riffs are interspliced with a strong electronic
polish that, along with pop vocals, give Vol 2 a unique quality that will have you hitting the repeat button. Each time you listen to Vol 2 you will find
a new level of stunning complexity and beauty. It is a perfect reflection of what the blending of genres can create. I highly recommend Future Creature’s Vol 2.  Future Creature’s new music is perfect blend.  The Forbes Pheonix
Woooh! Absolute pleasure pals! Thanks for giving us the certified killer trax to spin! Starlight Cruisin’ on 4ZZZ
I have the pleasure (sometimes a chore) of listening to the AMRAP mail outs.
Yours was first on the list and I gave it a 7/10 which is very good as far as suitability for useable tracks to air.  Keep up the good music making.  Hills Radio 88.9FM SA
We received a lot of CDs last month via Amrap and your EP was definitely one of the stand outs.  We have been giving it lots of airplay.  Good luck with it! Newman Community Radio WA
I want you to know that your newly released CD is delightful and will be well played at this station. FM107.5 Orange NSW
 Strong choruses, great vocals and song with passion, make this one a winner. ValleyFM 89.5 Radio Station


Beautiful Mess Vol.2 

On the 30th of June the Australian electro-wave duo Future/Creature released the EP Vol​.​2.

A four track release (available on bandcamp) which shades the room in pastel hues of soft brush which carry the listener through a hazy thread of sounds which drift, akin to sun-kissed morning rising mist, encasing the listener in spectrum’s of refractive rainbow as the downtempo combinations of electronics and guitar slowly unfurl as the intertwining voices blend in and out of one another.

My selection from the EP is the penultimate track – Beautiful Mess.

Type A – Single from Vol.2 
Strong choruses, great vocals and song with passion, make this one a winner. ValleyFM 89.5 Radio Station
On “Type A” by Future/Creature, the electronic outfit lay down five minutes of electro-folk fusion, driven in equal measure by acoustic guitar and drum machine. A strong narrative lead vocal propels the song forward thematically, while a combination of distorted electric guitars and acoustic rhythm guitar juxtapose to create a fantastic loud/quiet tension reminiscent of 90’s grunge set in a future dominated by synthesizers and drum machines. A true musical hybrid, Future/Creature have tapped into an entirely new sonic terrain yet to be fully explored. Leks Maltby, Aside/Beside
Hemisphere and atmosphere change with new Australian duo Future Creature, which has just released its very first, and very promising single, “Type A”. And if you are lovers of their Australian rock and hovering, follow them on social networks, they expect to release a new single every month, until the release of their first album, expected in May 2017.  Djolo
“Australian indie pop that’s a little raw but promising.” Alfitude 
“Hello, Future Creature! Lots of genre mashups in this track: I hear a bit of indie rock, electro, some DIY. Vocals are quite strong; I believe it can have a ton of range to it, and can be a perfect fit for radio-friendly indie rock if that is the direction you are trying to aim for. Good track progression as it keeps the listener listening–synths, distorted guitars, clean vocals–all layered carefully to create a track deserved to be heard by more. Good effort. Best of luck, Ju” 
“A well-crafted indie song with cool background effects and a sweet, melancholic synth melody. The singer has a great and powerful voice! “  Johan Arenbo, Zero Music Magazine
“Digging the vocals on this….” Abduction Radiation
“This is a very unique track and i like a lot about it…” TravisK,  Utopian Sounds
“Interesting blend in styles with the production here”… JonVilardi, Sodwee
“I appreciate the old school hip hop beat under the electro…” EarToTheGround Music
“Thanks for sending this along. SO much I like about this sound. Good energy” Milk Crater
 “Plenty of drama here, intrigue in the music which is well put together…” mp3hugger
“Catchy melody and good voice ” FV.INDIE.SE
“This track definitely shows promise and has a solid indie pop/rock sound. “ Digital Tour Bus

Four Minus 4 – Vol. 2
Great melody and instrumentation + production quality bespokerecords
Reminds us of Father John Misty but a little more electro towards the end. SongololoMusic

Brink of a Breakdown – Vol.2
Like the world vibes mixed with that contemporary edge, vocals very blondie esque also! bespokerecords
Summer vibes! Would love to chill out with this one streaming at the background Mirage Records
Nice track idenline

Broken Record – Single from Vol.1 
I like the music, I like the lyrics…. It’s very commercial and easy to listen to Boss Music Group
We loved the overall vibe.., good work!  Higher Reign Music
I like the vibe and the lyrics BonFire
This has a much more Indie Rock feel than Electro Pop, however it’s a sound you do well. SongololoMusic
The vocals are great, and there’s some interesting sounds in there. Ira Rat

 They Say (Remix) feat. Lanzscape – Single from Vol.1 
“The track is pretty memorable and the hook got stuck in my head.  Gosh Recordings
“Great work here guys. The electro-folk fusion makes for quite interesting music and when the bass kicked in the first verse it was very satisfying.’s quite a good album track.” Damasta Recordings
“Super cool vibe! I like the droniness and the repetitive lyric and the atmosphere” ThatNewJam
 “I love the lyrics!” Utopian Sounds
“I love both vocals on this” Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
“Cool concept and great bassline” Blisspop
“The song has a solid overall flow” Digital Tour Bus
“We like the vocal vibe on this” rBeatz
“Nice vocal flow and opening on track’ Noiseporn